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About Us

Shop Sell Rent is a streamlined e-commerce website/app created to offer the best convenience and value to users all around the world. We offer the best e-commerce rental solutions for any and all needs one might have. We intend to give power to the user by allowing him/her to sell or rent products as they please with great convenience and fast delivery. By utilizing the latest online tools, innovative features and superb delivery partners, we are able to achieve just that.

Our Misssion

Our aim is to create a holistic solution for renting and selling products online amongst only verified users. We want to create an online platform where established and budding entrepreneurs can provide their products directly to the consumers to provide extra value and hassle-free experience. In time, we plan to grow this platform by extending our product lines and expanding our user base to create a one of a kind premier delivery channel and trading platform to meet any and all needs.